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You probably would not be reading this unless you have a love for the outdoors just like we do. I had read an article about the “millbank bag” in 2015 and how they are used to pre-filter water. This water filtration bag gives any person who loves the outdoors cleaner drinking and cooking water where dirty water sources may be the only way to get your water.

When I started looking at how I could buy a millbank bag, I was surprised to find there were not any suppliers in the US. My wife and I went to work designing our own “millbank filter bag.” After using different canvas types and  noticing the different flow rates of water, an important part of the bag, we finally came up with the right combination. A large, 5 liter canvas bag with good flow rate. The larger bag means less trips for water and good quality canvas means a long lasting product. This millbank filtration bag comes with 550 paracord which is a military grade rope. The bag is double stitched with strong polyester outdoor thread.

A one year warranty is included. Thank you, Ray 



If you do not like picking debris out of your water pot and want to extend the life of your purification filter....The Millbank Bag U.S.A. is for you!

Inside view of the heavy industrial polyester thread. This thread is made to stand up to moisture and UV rays from the sun. Double stitched for added strength.

Dave Canterbury using our millbank bag as he teaches a class of students how the bag is used to pre-filter muddy water.

Millbank Bag Demonstration . . . 

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How we started in 2015 

Millbank Bags USA   Made with a one year guarntee  

When using modern water filters as shown here, a millbank filter bag would have been a wise choice to use first. Now they will have to spend more time cleaning their equipment because of very dirty water.