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This customer demonstrates how to use the millbank bag and his steripen. 

Me after building a small tripod for the Millbank Bag and cooking.

Before and after using the millbank bag to filter some pretty nasty water. It always amazes me how clean this canvas bag can filter water. 

Laura, Brian, and Garrett Camping in the Allegheny mountains in Pennsylvania. First time using a millbank bag from Millbank Bags USA. They used three sources of water this time. 1. Creek water 2. Stagnant pond water and 3. Well water. Sediment and particulates were filtered out by the bags quite well. From there we processed the water one of three ways. 1. Boiling, rolling boil for 3 minutes below 6,000 elevation. 2. Berkey filtration bottle and 3. Ultraviolet light

The millbank bag helped extend the life of the filtration bottles and kept large debris out of the boiled and UV prepared water. Obviously, the best tasting was the filtered water, but safe bad testing water is better than the alternatives.